Coolio to be remembered at tribute concert

Coolio is to be remembered by his singer friend Haddaway at a tribute concert.

Coolio died days before he was due to perform a show in Germany with Haddaway

Coolio died days before he was due to perform a show in Germany with Haddaway

The 59-year-old rapper passed away on Wednesday (28.09.22) after being found unresponsive at a friend’s house in Los Angeles – he had been due to perform a joint ‘I Love The 90s’ gig with Haddaway in Dusseldorf, Germany on Sunday (02.10.22) and he’s decided to go ahead with the show by turning it into a tribute to his late friend.

‘What Is Love’ star Haddaway told “It was supposed to be a great event with him and the end of our sunshiney [sic] summer. Let’s not forget he’s missing so we are going to do a lot to {pay] tribute to Coolio.

“We had a friendship since 1994/95 and there’s a lot of old photos there’s a lot of things we are going to throw up on the wall for the fans to see and we’re going to pull out some of the songs we did together. And we are going to try our best not to cry and to have a good time.”

Haddaway and Coolio had been performing together throughout the summer – putting on 14 shows around Europe – and he’s insisted no other artist will be drafted in to fill his friend’s spot.

He went on to say he hopes the show on Sunday (02.10.22) will help remind fans of his pal’s great talent.

The singer added: “I just want to remind most people from the period of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ … Coolio was an amazing individual. He was for some people very difficult but he was for most people a lot of fun. And I just want everyone to love him and respect him and his music will love forever and I just have to say rest in peace. “

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