Arrest warrant issued for ‘friend’ of Shanquella Robinson, Mexican prosecutor says

Photo may have been deleted

A Mexican prosecutor says an arrest warrant has been issued for the female “aggressor” seen attacking Shanquella Robinson in a leaked video.

Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, a prosecutor for the state of Baja California Sur, told ABC News a friend of Robinson’s “who is the direct aggressor” in the video is being charged with femicide.

Michael Lettieri, an expert on femicide in Mexico, said under Mexican law, a murder is investigated as a femicide when a woman is killed because of her gender or by a perpetrator who had a relationship with the victim (domestic violence).

“This case is fully clarified, we even have a court order,” de la Rosa Anaya told ABC News. “There is an arrest warrant issued for the crime of femicide against an alleged perpetrator, a friend of hers who is the direct aggressor. Actually it wasn’t a quarrel, but instead a direct aggression.”

Mexican authorities have officially asked the FBI to extradite the suspect back to Mexico to face charges.

“We are carrying out all the pertinent procedures such as the Interpol alert and the request for extradition to the United States of America,” de la Rosa Anaya said. “It’s about two Americans, the victim and the culprit.”

Authorities did not identify the woman in the arrest warrant.

Photo may have been deleted

Robinson, 25, was killed 24 hours after she arrived in Cabo, Mexico with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday.

According to documents, obtained by Radar Online, she died three hours after a doctor began treating her in a rented villa on Oct. 29.

Robinson’s travel companions initially told the doctor she drank “too much alcohol.” They told Robinson’s family she died from “alcohol poisoning,” but an autopsy showed her cause of death was a broken neck.

ABC News told Robinson’s mom, Sallamondra Robinson, on Wednesday evening that an arrest warrant had been issued in the case.

“I feel so good, that’s a good feeling,” Sallamondra Robinson said. “That’s what we have been waiting for, for someone to finally be held accountable and arrested. I just can’t wait for justice to be served.”

Sallamondra told Queen City News she does not have an Instagram page. She said someone is impersonating her on Instagram.

A GoFundMe created by Robinson’s sister, Quilla Long, has raised more than $370,000 including contributions from several celebrities and pro athletes.

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