Kylie Jenner Wore A Lion Head During Fashion Week, And It’s Sparking A Lot Of Controversy

Kylie Jenner has, as usual, made waves during Fashion Week. This time, it’s thanks to a lion head.

Earlier today, Miss Kylie showed up to Schiaparelli’s couture runway during Paris Fashion Week wearing one of their newest designs: a black dress adorned with a fake lion’s head.

In her latest Instagram from the event — which has been edited and has had its comments limited — Kylie specified that the lion head was handcrafted from manmade materials, and yeah, no animals were harmed in the process. So…..phew.

The dress is a pre-release from the label’s Spring-Summer ’23 collection, and being the tastemaker that she is, Kylie wore it front row just as it premiered on the runway (and on Irina Shayk, no less).

kylie jenner attending schiaparelli ss23 couture wearing this lion dress exactly as it debuts on the runway while she’s at the front row!!!!

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Kylie Jenner made sure to avoid a flour bomb from animal rights activists from her last look. Her caption was like “faux, fake, man made, not real, not an actual lion, made from plants, handcrafted”. She wanted to make it CLEAR it was not a real lion!

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And regardless that it’s a fake lion’s head, some are arguing that it glamorizes the hunting and killing of animals.

Tweet w/video of the runway show has been taken down. Whether the dead lion head is “real” or just a really really good fake, it is still disgusting and glorifies and “glamorizes” the killing of animals for fashion. Horrific. @theirishayk @KylieJenner

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So, what do YOU think of Kylie’s lion head dress?! Tell us in the comments below.

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