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This Shortcut Makes a Kid-Friendly Version of Your Explicit Apple Music Playlists

Photo: nikkimeel (Shutterstock)If you have a great Apple Music playlist for holiday-themed parties but it includes a few tracks that aren’t appropriate for ears of all ages, you don’t have to worry about making...
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Spotify Doesn’t Need to Sound Like Crap

Photo: Chubo – my masterpiece (Shutterstock)Spotify vs. Apple Music is a debate we won’t soon hear the end of. However, as of late, Apple Music users are claiming their service sounds better than Spotify’s,...
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Hidden Xbox Settings You Should Change to Up Your Game

Photo: Alex Van Aken (Shutterstock)The Xbox is a fantastic console that ships with pretty good software. Fortunately, it has even greater potential: Your Xbox contains plenty of hidden features that are not enabled by...
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How to Make Apple Music Less Agonizingly Slow

Photo: FellowNeko (Shutterstock)Apple Music’s app is one of its biggest weaknesses of its app-based streaming service, which seems…not ideal. Whether you’re on your iPhone or your Mac, the app has never been known for...
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