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The Best Vegetables to Grow in the Shade

Photo: elxeneize (Shutterstock)Gardens can vary in size, location, and the amount of sunlight they get each day. While most fruits and vegetables—especially those that produce flowers and fruits—do require at least six hours a...
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Use Cheap LED and Solar Lights for Pro-Quality Landscape Lighting

In daylight, my garden is a beacon of color and texture, but when the sun sets, the yard becomes a black hole. Delivery drivers struggle to see the house numbers or find the footpath,...
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You Really Can Use Paint to Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller

Photo: r.classen (Shutterstock)No house or apartment is perfect. Even if it seems perfect when you first move in, your needs will shift over time, and you might wake up one day and realize your...
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Make Your Christmas Lights Less Dangerous

Photo: imging (Shutterstock)Whether multicolored or classic white, a few strands of holiday lights can make pretty much anything look festive, both indoors and outdoors. And while the strings of small bulbs have a longstanding...
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The Cost Difference Between Using LED and Incandescent Lightbulbs

Photo: Tutatamafilm (Shutterstock)Light bulbs are one of those things that you don’t really pay attention to until one burns out and you have to replace it. So when that time comes, do you replace...
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