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ikTok, Meta, Twitter, and YouTube All Have Different Plans for 2024 Election Misinformation

It’s never easy to separate political speech from disinformation in a democracy built upon the right of free speech, but the firehose of foreign and domestic weaponized bullshit that began in 2016, reached a...
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Deleting Threads Is the Least of Your Meta Privacy Concerns

In less than two days, over 30 million users joined Meta’s new Twitter-like social media app, Threads. But the nascent platform is already facing scrutiny from users and critics. One of the most common...
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How to Join Threads, Meta’s New Twitter Alternative (and Why You Might Want to Wait)

This week, Meta launched its new social media app, called Threads. This Twitter-like network lets users post short text blurbs along with images and videos. It’s an obvious move to win over Twitter’s fractured...
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Netflix’s ‘You Are Awful’ Online Experience Is Either Deeply Oblivious or Downright Evil

Season 6 of Black Mirror kicks off with an episode called Joan Is Awful. If you haven’t watched yet, the premise is essentially this: When you sign up for Streamberry (Black Mirror’s version of...
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You Can Stop Instagram From Sharing Your Posts on Facebook

Photo: Nuchylee (Shutterstock)When you post on Instagram, you don’t expect to find it on other sites or platforms. After all, you posted it to Instagram, not Facebook. But Instagram posts are winding up on...
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The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide to Kid Culture: What the Hell is ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared?’

It’s hard to truly understand what younger people are into these days, because the relentless algorithms that shape our culture have divided us all into ever smaller, ever more insular groups. But on the...
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Is BeReal Safe?

Photo: Tada Images (Shutterstock)BeReal’s popularity is on another level. After all, any app that tops TikTok on the charts is one to take seriously, especially when the app is this simple to use. You...
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If You’re Planning to Buy a Meta Quest 2, Better Do It Fast

Photo: Boumen Japet (Shutterstock)If you’ve been waffling over whether to purchase a Meta Quest 2 VR system, it’s time to make a decision: Meta announced yesterday that the price of the Quest 2 is...
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