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Is BeReal Safe?

Photo: Tada Images (Shutterstock)BeReal’s popularity is on another level. After all, any app that tops TikTok on the charts is one to take seriously, especially when the app is this simple to use. You...
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All the Android Apps That Can Use ‘Material You’ Icons

Material You is one of Android’s great recent features. Introduced with Android 12, it automatically adjusts your smartphone’s UI elements based on your chosen wallpaper. If the image is predominantly green and black, for...
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How to Figure Out What Weirdo Just Called You

Photo: fizkes (Shutterstock)There are a lot of instances when you might need to match a phone number to a real person’s name. Maybe you got a text from an unknown number. Maybe you’ve seen...
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You Can Finally Use Snapchat on Your Computer

Snapchat is the rare social media app that never made the jump from mobile to desktop. Instagram has a web app, WhatsApp has a desktop app, but, until now, you always needed your phone...
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