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YouTubers’ PlayStation Giveaway Causes Chaos in Union Square Park

Union Square Park in Manhattan erupted in chaos on Friday after a throng of what the police estimated to be several thousand young people descended on the area, drawn by the chance to receive...
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ikTok, Meta, Twitter, and YouTube All Have Different Plans for 2024 Election Misinformation

It’s never easy to separate political speech from disinformation in a democracy built upon the right of free speech, but the firehose of foreign and domestic weaponized bullshit that began in 2016, reached a...
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Opinion | The Gatekeepers of Knowledge Don’t Want Us to See What They Know

We are living through an information revolution. The traditional gatekeepers of knowledge — librarians, journalists and government officials — have largely been replaced by technological gatekeepers — search engines, artificial intelligence chatbots and social...
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Deleting Threads Is the Least of Your Meta Privacy Concerns

In less than two days, over 30 million users joined Meta’s new Twitter-like social media app, Threads. But the nascent platform is already facing scrutiny from users and critics. One of the most common...
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How to Join Threads, Meta’s New Twitter Alternative (and Why You Might Want to Wait)

This week, Meta launched its new social media app, called Threads. This Twitter-like network lets users post short text blurbs along with images and videos. It’s an obvious move to win over Twitter’s fractured...
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The Five Best Twitter Alternatives

Twitter is going to the dogs. Since Elon Musk took over the platform last October, he has made too many questionable decisions to list here, but the lowlights include reinstating the accounts of banned...
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Supreme Court Puts First Amendment Limits on Laws Banning Online Threats

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the First Amendment imposes limits on laws that make it a crime to issue threats on the internet, requiring prosecutors to prove that defendants had acted recklessly...
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Three Things You Should Never Post on LinkedIn

What LinkedIn (usually) lacks in ostentatious, glam, or funny posts, it makes up for in utility—provided you use it correctly. While you’re looking for a job or even just tracking progress in your existing...
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